TABLE VII: Continuation of the Second Move

Table VII of Propp's Morphology of the Folktale is the final sequence of functions in the story or tale. The key functions are difficult task and solution.

Unrecognized arrival:

a. home, with entry into service

b. home, without entry into service

c. to another tsar's domain

d. other forms of concealment

Unfounded claims of the false hero:

a. person performing

b. forms of claims

c. preparations for marriage

The difficult task:

a.  the person who sets it

b. motivation for the task by the person who sets it (illness, etc.)

c. actual motivation for the task (the desire to differentiate the false hero from the true one, etc.)

d. contents of task

e. auxiliary elements trebled

Resolution of the task:

a. dialogue with the helper

b. role of the helper

c. form of solution 

d. auxiliary elements trebled


a. means of summoning the true hero (spreading out a feast, making the rounds of beggars)

b. form of the hero's appearance on the scene (at the wedding, etc.)

c. form of recognition


a. person exposing

b. manner of exposing

c. motivation of exposure


a. personage

b. manner of transfiguration


a. personage

b. manner of punishment