TABLE VI: Beginning of the Second Move

Table VI of Propp's Morphology of the Folktale is the wild card sequence of functions in the story or tale. Simply speaking, you go back and repeat Tables III and IV - villainy and donor.

New Villainy:

The conjunctive moment:

a. victim hero suffers after effects of villainy

b. auxiliary elements trebled


a. staggers away or leaves in a rage

b. auxiliary elements trebled

Meeting the donor


a. manner of inclusion into the tale, nomenclature

b. dwelling

c. physical appearance

d. peculiarities of external appearance on the scene

e. other attributes

f. dialogue with the hero

g. hospitality shown to the hero

Preparation for the transmission of a magical agent:

a. tasks

b. requests

c. skirmish

d. other forms - trebling

Reaction of the hero:

a. positive

b. negative 


a. what is given

b. in what form

The helper (magical agent):

a. nomenclature

b. form of summons

c. manner of inclusion into the course of the action

d. peculiarities of appearance on the scene;

e. physical appearance

f. original location

g. training (taming) of the helper

h. wisdom of the helper

Delivery to the appointed place