TABLE IV: Donors

Table IV of Propp's Morphology of the Folktale is the crucial middle sequence of functions in the story or tale; without an understanding of this table, you will simply have a beginning and an end. Table IV adds depth, mystery, and magic to the story or tale.

Central archetypes in this sequence are the donor, the hero,  and the magical agent or helper.  To achieve a thicker middle to your story, you should consider trebling each function of the table. Have your hero meet three donors, go through some very rigorous tests, and finally wind up with some secret knowledge, a magical agent, and a helper

Journey from home to the donor


a. manner of inclusion into the tale, nomenclature

b. dwelling

c. physical appearance

d. peculiarities of external appearance on the scene

e. other attributes

f. dialogue with the hero

g. hospitality shown to the hero

Preparation for the transmission of a magical agent:

a. tasks

b. requests

c. skirmish

d. other forms - trebling

Reaction of the hero:

a. positive

b. negative 


a. what is given

b. in what form