TABLE I: The Initial Situation

Temporal-spatial determination:

a. ("Once upon a time")

b. ("in a certain kingdom")

Composition of the family:

a. according to nomenclature and status

b. according to the categories of dramatis personae (dispatcher, seeker, etc.)


a. Prayer for the birth of a son:

1. form of the prayer

2. motivation of the prayer.

b. Cause of pregnancy:

1. intentional (a fish which is eaten, etc.)

2. accidental (a swallowed pea, etc.)

3. forced (a girl is abducted by a bear, etc.)

4. Immaculate conception

c. Form of miraculous birth:

1. from a fish and from water

2. from a hearth

3. from an animal

4. otherwise (fertility drugs)

d. prophecies, forewarnings

Well-being, prior to complication:

a. fantastic

b. domestic

c. agrarian

d. in other forms

The future hero:

a. nomenclature, sex

b. rapid growth

c. connection with a hearth, ashes

d. spiritual qualities

e. mischievousness

f. other qualities

The future false hero:

a. nomenclature, sex

b. degree of kinship to the hero

c. negative qualities

d. spiritual qualities in comparison with the hero (clever)

e. other qualities

Argument of brothers over primacy:

a. form of the argument and manner of solution

b. auxiliary elements trebled

c. result of the argument