Magical Helper/Agent

Helper (magical agent) – There are two types of helper: magical agents and human helpers. Human helpers are crucial when you’re writing a realistic story. What makes them magical is their ethnicity or their alternative sexuality or their underworld origin. Magical helpers know the way to the underworld, they know things about weapons, they’ve got unexpected tricks up their sleeve. Magical agents function as either methods of transportation (cars, horses, airplanes, boats, bicycles, motorcycles) or weapons (magical swords, submachine guns, clubs, magical walking sticks) – folktales are filled with talking stoves, rivers that can make themselves invisible, trees that walk – fantasy has magical spells, magical books, magical wands, invisibility cloaks - science fiction has phasers, faster than light warp drives, holodecks, food replicators, time machines – naturalism has lucky accidents, chance happenings, coincidences – realism has the telling detail, the sudden realization of the hero – these are all magical agents that help the hero through crisis.