**This form needs to be distinguished from the struggle (fight) with a hostile donor. These two forms can be distinguished by their results. If the hero obtains an agent, for the purpose of further searching, as the result of an unfriendly encounter, this would be testing by donor. If, on the other hand, the hero receives through victory the very object of his quest, we have struggle with the villain.

1. They fight in an open field. Here, first of all, belong fights with dragons or with Baba-Jaga, etc., and also battles with an enemy army or a knight, etc.

2. They engage in a competition. In humorous tales the fight itself sometimes does not occur. After a squabble (often completely analogous to the squabble that precedes an out-and-out-fight), the hero and the villain engage in a competition. The hero wins with the help of cleverness: a gypsy puts a dragon to flight by squeezing a piece of cheese as though it were a stone, by pretending that a blow to the back of the head was merely a whistle, etc.

3. They play cards. The hero and a dragon (a devil) play cards.

4. A she-dragon proposes the following to the hero: "Let Prince Ivan get on the scales with me; who will outweigh the other?"