the hero's reaction

1. The hero withstands (or does not withstand) a test.

2. The hero answers (or does not answer) a greeting.

3. He renders (or does not render) a service to a dead person.

4. He frees (or does not free) a captive.

5. He shows (does not show) mercy to a suppliant.

6. He completes (does not complete) an apportionment and reconciles the disputants. The request of disputants (or simply an argument without a request) more often evokes a different reaction. The hero deceives the disputants, making them run, for example, after an arrow which he has shot into the distance; meanwhile, he himself seizes the disputed objects. 

7. The hero performs (does not perform) some other service. Sometimes these services correspond to requests; other times, they are done purely through the kindheartedness of the hero. A young girl feeds passing beggars. A special subclass might be made by forms of a religious nature. A hero burns a barrel of frankincense to the glory of God. To this group one instance of a prayer might also be relegated.

8. The hero saves (does not save) himself from an attempt on his life by employing the same tactics used by his adversary. He puts the witch into the stove by making her show how to climb in. The heroes exchange clothes with the daughters of the witch in secret; she proceeds to kill them instead of the heroes. The magician himself remains on the mountain where he wanted to abandon the hero. 

9. The hero vanquishes (or does not vanquish) his adversary.

10. The hero agrees (does not agree) to an exchange, but immediately employs the magic power of the object exchanged against the barterer. An old man offers to trade his magic sword to a cossack for a magic cask. The cossack makes the exchange, whereupon he orders the sword to cut off the old man's head, thus getting back the cask also.

** If the hero fails any of these tests, he or she gets severely punished and must move on in search of a new donor or else come back to the original donor and try again. Often, this kind of test occurs three times (trebling). If the hero dies, then obviously we need a new hero... meanwhile, back at the ranch.