In tales that involve a victimized princess, the dispatcher almost always is a parental figure who calls the hero for help

Dispatcher – The dispatcher, usually an older person in authority, quite often a parent, warns the hero or princess not to do something or commands them to do something. Warnings are always violated; commands are always carried out. If there’s a princess involved at the beginning of the story, then the princess(prince) must be villainized. The dispatcher finds out about the villainy (either the dispatcher witnesses it or a bystander or police dispatcher gives a call) and must then call up the hero and send the hero out. If the hero gets villainized at the beginning, there’s usually a "good Samaritan" minor character who helps him or her out. The dispatcher also plays a crucial role much later in the tale. He or she is the person who sets up the difficult task and punishes the false hero. In terms of the whole epic story structure, the dispatcher embodies social stability.