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Note: These fiction generators are based on strings and sub-strings. Nine string grids, for example, always have nine strings, but the number of sub-strings can vary. The 9x9 grid has 9 strings (or rows), each row having nine sub-strings (or text boxes). 81 text boxes. The 9x8 grid has 72 text boxes, and so on. The number of rows does not vary, but the number of text boxes in each row does. 


Clicking on any of the links to your left will bring you to a FORM page with a brief explanation of the form structure and then lots of buttons and text boxes. Don't be intimidated. Scroll down the page to get a feel for the structure. At the bottom of the form is a larger text box with lots of command buttons at the bottom. These buttons generate the text. Click on all of the command buttons to get a sense of  the manipulated default text.


The radio buttons at the top of every row of strings allow you to change the default text sequence in each sub-string box. If you want every string to be a character string, fine. Clicking on one of the buttons will fill the row of boxes with suggestive labels. If you want more suggestive material, pass your mouse over the "?" mark at the lower right hand corner of each box. A popup window will offer some examples you can copy and paste into the text box.


You can save your work and come back to it later if you save the form page to your favorites folder. Before you  go any further, I suggest you click the favorites button on your browser, click organize favorites, and create a  new folder where you'll keep your unfinished stories. When you add the form page to your favorites story folder, the text in the boxes will persist.


persist. You won't lose it. You can save the form to a different name each time you change it and thus save a history of revisions.


If you close the form page or go somewhere else before saving it to your favorites folder, you'll lose everything in the text boxes.


When you open your story from the favorites menu, it'll come up with all the text there; but if you click any of the radio buttons in any filled row, you'll lose the text in those boxes. Once you've filled the boxes with your own text, don't play around with the radio buttons. If the boxes only have labels in them, you can play with the radio buttons all you want.