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This link will take you to the story machine.

This is a random collection of links, mostly to wikipedia.

genre fiction - a rather exhaustive survey of the field, with links to each genre

narrator - an excellent introduction to narrator types

stereotypes - a list of dramatic stereotypes, almost up to date

character system - weird system of archetypes

plot device - a list of conventional plot devices that might get you out of trouble... or not

mysteries - a rather exhaustive list of all possible mysteries from a literary agency's point of view - take a close look at this site if you're interested in writing genre fiction

Vladimir Propp - some historical information - click on the 31 functions and the two Propp Generators at the bottom

fantasy - fairly comprehensive - hit as many of the links as you can

science fiction -  comprehensive list of links - will take you the whole semester to explore all the links

literature - the larger picture - quite a comprehensive series of links - try to hit as many of the links as possible